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The Cincinnati Elegant Steppers &
The Steppin Foundation

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About Cincinnati Elegant Steppers &
The Steppers Foundation


Live. Breathe. Dance.

The Founder

Cincinnati Elegant Steppers LLC, (CES) was founded and established by Darryl Bourne in 2008. Darryl is one of the original old Skool steppers that was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. He moved to Cincinnati Ohio and introduced his passion for Chicago Style Steppin. He started Instructing in Cincinnati in 2006 and has continued to provide quality insight of the dance for over 20 years. Darryl has demonstrated the ability to work with his students in ways that help build their muscle memory and movement that is conducive to an overall sense of well-being. His students are dedicated to his services and remain consistent in their learning.   Darryl Bourne’s profession is a Commercial Driver License (CDL) Trainer and a professional driver operating large, heavy, or placarded hazardous material vehicles. Darryl Bourne is also the founder and owner of “The Steppin Foundation INC”, a non-profit organization designed to increase public awareness of the dance world-wide.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide quality dance instructions, with professional dance instructors, in a friendly classroom atmosphere, while promoting the dance motions of Chicago Style Steppin.
Cincinnati Elegant Steppers (CES) is committed to encouraging all students to enjoy this fine art of dance.


Our Mission
Our mission is to instill an appreciation for the art of Chicago Style Steppin in the Cincinnati Ohio area, and to expand a social platform for positive interaction world-wide when it comes to
this dance. CES teaches all levels of steppin and encourages all to embrace any events or activities in the dance arena. CES continues to support any dance culture with the intent of
displaying the style of dance from Chicago as well.


Our Philosophy
Let your personality shine through your movement. Let your dance tell the story. Connect with the music and enjoy the wonderful art of Chicago Style Steppin.

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